"900 frail, disenfranchised elderly, living in the confines of a most unique social cluster, need a daily touch. This is our work as geriatricians. My medical team serves in the nursing homes, 10 of them in the tiny state of Connecticut; where long-term care regulation is an art form and daily life in the "homes" is grieving cloaked in dignity. Yet, we love what we do and Sharon Murphy taught us how to smile...understanding the dimensions of the work is a lifetime study. A study rich in compassions and hurt, profit and failure. The stories Sharon has collected over the years beg for a telling. I'll be in the front row when Ms. Murphy "steps up".

Dr. Michael Feltes, founder, Sound Senior Geriatrics

"When circumstances forced my mother to enter a nursing home I was on unknown territory. Sharon's advice helped us to realize that my brother and I knew my mother the best. She also encouraged us to voice our opinions and concerns which we had initially been fearful of doing. This advise has only helped my mother to get the care that she deserves and make us more comfortable in the nursing home environment."

Lynda Wright, Tennessee

"I have known Sharon Murphy, both professionally and personally, for close to 15 years. She is an advocate for the elderly. She is a fighter for their rights, celebrates their triumphs, and is every daughter when sadness prevails. Her compassion and understanding of our aging society is remarkable. Her knowledge of the health care system, aging services and how it can help any family is very beneficial in today's society. I have witnessed Sharon's ability to direct families and other care providers towards a positive solution to their issues. She is the best out there."

Cynthia Roessler, Licensed Nursing Home Administrator

"I have known Sharon both personally and professionally for 15 years. She has helped me through tedious and confusing systems of placing and maintaining my injured geriatric patients in nursing homes. She has a wealth of knowledge regarding how things work and what pitfalls to be aware of. She has also provided comforting advice for my family and friends regarding our elderly family members. Her understanding of the difficulties of the present nursing home environment and her recommendations for improvements are invaluable to anyone who cares for an elderly relative or is contemplating using a nursing home themselves."

Barry N. Messinger, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon

  Nursing Home Confidential can be used as a practical guidebook to assist the reader in navigating the often difficult process of placing a loved one.
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  Sharon Murphy talks about her new book Nursing Home Confidential and how to navigate the nursing home industry (Jan. 7, 2010).
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